Organizing in the Car

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Organizing in the Car

Before I begin let me say that I'm not abdicating that you do anything while driving. Seriously......that is super dangerous. I'm talking about maximizing the time at traffic lights, in the fast food drive through lines or at the odd times your sitting in the car waiting for someone .

By the way I'm a fan of always being early but that's another post.

The following are things that help me stay organized and only take a minute.

1. Take the loose change out of your wallet (not pennies) and leave in your car. You'll always have change when you need it.

2. Dump out your purse on the passenger seat and organize your stuff - this may take several stops depending on the size of your purse and contents. Organize your trash, receipts, makeup, etc. into like kinds of things.

3. Clean your car interior. I carry around some disposable cleaning wipes.

4. Set your radio station presets and include one news station.

5. If you are stopped for long periods of time its good to unsubscribe from email blasts.

6. Add to your lists - to do, grocery, calls, etc.

And for those who live with constant traffic always keep a crossword puzzle or word game in the car to give you something fun to focus on.

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